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About Us

Active Leisure Protection was formed in 2015 by Kevin Dow, to bring European sourced, quality helmets, clothing and protective equipment to the motorcycle and other leisure markets.

With over 30 years experience of the automotive and motorcycle markets, Kevin has worked and liased with some of the leading motorcycle apparel companies in the UK.

Kevin realised that there exists a number of quality factories in Europe that currently do not have representation in the UK. He then spent 18 months investigating and building relationships with some of the best of these, before launching Active Leisure Protection.

By only dealing in Europe, Active Leisure Protection can closely monitor quality and react quickly to changes in market conditions, thus ensuring the best possible service to our dealers and also working with them to maintain profitability.

Our Brands

CMS helmets
- made in Europe
Mottowear Jeans
- made in Europe
SIXS Original Carbon Sportswear
- made in Europe