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CMS Helmets is one of the last few companies operating in the helmet industry producing most of the range in Europe (specifically in Portugal). With more than thirty years of experience and dedication to motorcyclists safety standards, CMS Helmets have a legacy like few others and want to continue the path of constant evolution, waging higher standards of quality, safety, performance and design.

Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Passion are the words that truly make the difference, the launch of a real challenge for coming actions, that special blend of consciousness, experience and ability in a sector as specific as ours. 
Nothing else can leave such an indelible, important mark on the production of a basic safety item such as the helmet for a motorcyclist. 
Lightness, innovative materials, ventilation, design, technology, climate control and comfort: these are the basis of our construction technique, all functional, deriving from a capital experience and careful expertise built into every single item of the CMS Helmets collection. 
It is the skill and devotion of an exceptional team working together that has allowed our products to boast some of the world's highest safety standards, performance, design and best comfort fits. 
Each and every one of our helmets captures the commitment of all our staff and collaborators, who all come together, motivated for perfection.


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